Our Team

Dr. Gong-Guy

Dr. Gong-Guy, Executive Director

Email: egongguy@saonet.ucla.edu

Dr. Gong-Guy is the Executive Director of UCLA Campus and Student Resilience and Associate Clinical Professor in the UCLA Psychology Department. She oversees the UCLA Resilience Peer Network, supporting UCLA students in an unprecedented treatment research collaboration through the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge (DGC). Dr. Gong-Guy is a licensed psychologist with a lifelong commitment to community psychology and culturally accessible models of service delivery to under-resourced populations. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Stanford and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at UCLA. As the former director of UCLA’s Counseling and Psychological Services, she oversaw the work of more than 50 psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers who provide treatment and prevention services to the 40,000 students at UCLA. She is past president of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors, and she currently serves on the Jed Foundation Board of Advisors, the University of California Student Mental Health Oversight Committee, and directs the DGC Awareness & Hope Patient Advocacy Committee. She has a record of extended service on the University of California Student Health Steering Panel, the UCLA Consultation and Response Team, the UCLA Campus Violence Prevention Workgroup, UCLA’s Steering Committee on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response, and the UCLA Council on Diversity and Inclusion, and the UCLA Disabled Student Housing Appeals Board.

Dr. Pimentel

Dr. Pimentel, Associate Director

Email: apimentel@orl.ucla.edu

Dr. Pimentel is the Associate Director of UCLA Campus & Student Resilience and the Program Director of Mindful UCLA. She is a psychologist, yoga teacher (RYT-200), and long-term meditation practitioner and instructor who received her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University. Before coming to UCLA, Dr. Pimentel was a clinical instructor of psychiatry and senior psychologist at NYU-Belleuve Medical Center where she co-founded the Mind-Body Clinic, a service which brought mindfulness-based treatment approaches to people living with psychiatric and medical difficulties. Dr. Pimentel also has taught mind-body approaches to mental health and well-being in a variety of corporate and community settings and in her New York-based private clinical psychotherapy practice. Dr. Pimentel has completed numerous trainings in mindfulness facilitation, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and facilitator training at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). She has served on the board of such meditation organizations as Insight Meditation Society (IMS) and The Lineage Project. After moving to Los Angeles from New York, Dr. Pimentel began sharing mindfulness with UCLA students, faculty, and staff as a powerful tool for personal and social transformation, resilience, and well-being.

Leslie Rith-Najarian

Leslie Rith-Najarian, Graduate Research Assistant

Email: leslie.rith.najarian@gmail.com

I am in my 4th year as a clinical psychology PhD student at UCLA. I joined the RPN training team in Winter 2016, and have continued on because it is such a wonderful group of students and a meaningful program. My primary duties have been leading training seminars (to teach CBT concepts and guide practice of peer support group skills) and supervision of RPN students that are leading their support groups. I also am part of the Depression Grand Challenge treatment research planning team, and my own dissertation research focuses on effective implementation of online skills-based prevention programs.

Louise Dixon

Louise Dixon, Graduate Research Assistant

Email: ldixon7891@ucla.edu

Louise Dixon graduated with a BA in Psychology from Wellesley College in 2013 and worked as a research coordinator in a dissemination and implementation science lab at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. She is currently a second-year graduate student at UCLA and is interested in primary prevention of anxiety and traumatic stress disorders among high-risk communities, mental health promotion in trauma-exposed communities, and cultural constructs and their impact on posttraumatic stress disorder in Latino youth. Louise’s primary interest in RPN is providing supervision to peer support group leaders and promoting intervention sustainability.

Resham Gellatly

Resham Gellatly, Graduate Research Assistant

Email: resham@ucla.edu

Resham Gellatly is a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at UCLA, where her advisors are Drs. Anna Lau and Bruce Chorpita. Her research interests center around increasing access to mental health services by adapting evidence-based treatments for youth and families of diverse cultural backgrounds in low-resource settings in local and international contexts. She is especially interested in working with stakeholders in underserved communities to develop sustainable implementation supports.

Bita Mesri

Bita Mesri, Graduate Research Assistant

Email: bmesri@ucla.edu

Bita Mesri is currently working toward her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at UCLA, where she has received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She is a member of Dr. Michelle Craske’s lab, in which she investigates the role of avoidance in maintaining anxiety disorders. She hopes to improve treatment outcomes for individuals with anxiety disorders.

Jennifer Gamarra

Jennifer Gamarra, Graduate Research Assistant

Email: jenn.gamarra@gmail.com

Jennifer Gamarra, M.A. is a clinical psychology doctoral student at UCLA. She is a member of Dr. Bruce Chorpita's Child FIRST Lab, which focuses on innovations to improve evidence-based systems and treatments for child mental health disorder. Currently, she is interested in mental health literacy, which is the degree to which individuals obtain and understand information about mental health disorders and their treatment. Her current research projects focus on caregiver mental health literacy, measure development, and interventions for improving mental health literacy. She is a group leader and training supervisor for RPN.

Julia Hammett

Email: juliafhammett@gmail.com

Julia Hammett is a doctoral student in the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at UCLA, where she works with Professor Thomas Bradbury and Professor Benjamin Karney in the UCLA Marriage Lab. She received her Bachelor’s (May 2013) and Master’s (May 2015) degrees in psychology from San Diego State University. Julia’s research interests lie in the field of intimate relationships. More specifically, Julia is interested in predictors and outcomes of healthy versus non-healthy relationships, with a particular focus on intimate partner violence. Julia joined the RPN training team in Fall 2017.