Bruin Resilience

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What is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity for persistence, flexibility, durability, risk-taking, optimism, and openness to change, growth and learning. Resilience allows you to bounce back from challenge, failure, or hardship.  Resilience can help you to handle change, hardship and disappointment, but more importantly it can help you to use the experience of adversity to enhance your flexibility, overall functioning and well-being. 

Why Does it Matter?

Resilient students more easily ADAPT to new situations; PERSEVERE to overcome obstacles; BUILD social connections and seek support when needed; COLLABORATE in positive & mutually respectful relationships; STRETCH their comfort zone to meet academic, work, and life challenges; ENGAGE with creativity and a sense of purpose toward defined goals; TAKE CARE to stop, rest & replenish inner resources; and MAINTAIN a sense of independence, self-efficacy and self-worth.

Our Mission

The mission of Campus & Student Resilience (CSR) is to strengthen and coordinate campus efforts to promote student resilience, well-being, and success.  CSR emphasizes evidence-based positive psychology programs to promote skills to cope with stress and adversity, recover & maintain emotional equilibrium, increase flexibility and overall functioning, and thrive in response to personal, campus and global strife and challenge. We target cognitive, behavioral, emotional, motivational, spiritual, and social domains, collaborating with campus partners to support students' skill development in each domain.  

Our programs focus on:

  • expanding access to resilience skills development through innovative methods;
  • increasing peer-to-peer support for stressed students;
  • promoting mindfulness approaches for resilience skills development;
  • and expanding early awareness, stigma reduction and engagement for vulnerable students to bolster their own resilience.