Tania Caseres, Resilience Peer

Tania Caseres
Tania Caseres (T-Rex), 3rd-year Psychology major, Music History minor

I firmly believe that mental health is everything. No matter what our purpose or stance in life is, taking care of our mental health helps foster change and well-being and allows us to see and appreciate the beauty in life. It is because of this belief that I joined the Resilience Peer Network program. By integrating the elements of resilience and mindfulness, RPN is at the forefront of researching ways to alleviate the symptoms of depression under the Depression Grand Challenge - a movement I’m honored to be a part of.

Ever since I joined RPN, I learned how valuable cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness can be in helping individuals who struggle with anxiety and depression. It was not until I started facilitating support groups as a Certified Resilience Peer, that I noticed the positive impact this program could have on people. I have seen first-hand how this program can improve people’s resilience skills to help combat their depression and anxiety.

Its influence continues to inspire me and has helped me strengthen my own resilience skills. I have learned to integrate mindfulness into my daily life and because of this, I have grown more self-aware, mindful of my surroundings, and increasingly perceptive of people’s own mental health distress. I have only gratitude that a program like RPN exists and am hopeful that its impact will improve the future of mental health treatment.