The Resilience Peer Network (RPN) is a collective of UCLA undergraduate and graduate students trained to support fellow students. Our Resilience Peers are trained in active listening and empathic responding; boundaries, privacy, and ethics; applied positive psychology principles and resilience skills; motivational support to reinforce evidence-based treatment for stress, depression, and anxiety; and mindfulness approaches to resilience. More than 300 students have joined RPN for training and support since its inception in early 2016.

RPN's fully trained Certified Resilience Peers can lead drop-in support groups for students through a research collaboration with the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge. The treatment study offers a proven internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for eligible UCLA students.  Students can come together in RPN support groups or receive individual peer support while completing an internet-delivered cognitive behavioral treatment (iCBT) for depression, anxiety and stress. The Resilience Peers reinforce iCBT learning under close professional supervision and receive ongoing training for their supportive role through this collaborative study. 

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Summer Session C enrollment remains open until July 27, 2018. Openings are limited so apply early. New RPN enrollees commit to one full year of RPN membership.  

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