The Resilience Peer Network (RPN) is a collective of UCLA undergraduate and graduate students trained to support fellow students. and community members.  Our Resilience Peers are trained in active listening and empathic responding; boundaries, privacy, and ethics; applied positive psychology principles and resilience skills; motivational support to reinforce evidence-based treatment for stress, depression, and anxiety; and mindfulness approaches to resilience. More than 530 students have joined RPN for training and support since its inception in early 2016.

In partnership with the Screening and Treatment for Anxiety and Depression (STAND) Program offered by the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge, fully trained Resilience Peers become Certified STAND Coaches (CSCs) who can provide motivational support and encouragement to participants receiving the STAND Digital Therapy, an internet-based form of cognitive behavioral therapy.  CSCs reinforce concepts taught in the STAND Digital Therapy through support groups and one-on-one video chats under close professional supervision.


ENROLLMENT IS NOW CLOSED.  RPN and STAND coaches continuing in STAND Coach training and supervision should contact DGC STAND Program Manager Evelyn Wu for Fall 2020 Training sign-ups.

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